School exams Give your Child the Best Chance to Succeed!


Our long-established expertise in academic examinations can make the difference
This includes preparation and revision throughout the year for:

  • GCSE (any board of examination)
  • A LEVEL (any board of examination)
  • AS

Our courses focus on the listening, reading and writing skills with highly-qualified native speakers who have several years’ experience in preparing young students for school exams.

Each session includes 2 mock exams in order to assess the student’s progress.

An impressive number of parents have trusted us for many years with commitment, quality and trust at the heart of the relationship between our teachers, the children and their parents.

Why not join them now and give your child the best chance to succeed! We will be there to make it happen.

£40.00 per hour at your premises
£30.00 per hour at the school
Small groups available on Fridays from 15.00 at the school