Corporate Expert Spanish Courses for Professionals


Enhance your power of communication and open new horizons in your professional and personal life!


We are based in West London, however, if you prefer we can teach you at your desk.
Our Spanish courses are accredited by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.
We offer GENERAL, SURVIVAL, BUSINESS, LEGAL and MEDIA courses in Spanish.
A number of businesses in the city and all across London are already enjoying our quality Spanish courses for busy professionals: Why not join them?



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Whether in-company training or at the school, classes may range from once or twice a week to intensive daily sessions with one of our qualified French teachers.


  • Business Spanish

Especially designed for those who need to speak in a professional business capacity

Can include for example conversational drills in business situations as diverse as basic phone calls, making presentations, selling techniques , enquiring, booking, dealing with company’s business documents, etc. (according to student’s level or preferences)

£49 per hour

And if you want to sit an internationally recognised diploma:

Using training material approved by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, candidates can prepare for the:

- Intermediate Certificate - (CEFR B1-B2; NVQ 2) which assesses the reading, writing, speaking, & listening skills

- Advanced Diploma - (CEFR C1-C2; NVQ 4) which assesses the reading, writing, speaking & listening skills

These qualifications provide the candidates with the Spanish business language skills required by businesses, whether large or small, in today’s highly competitive global market.



  • Legal Spanish

Customised tuition for legal professionals

Includes introduction to Spanish Law and more in-depth knowledge of the legal language

£49 per hour


  • Medical Spanish

Tailored to suit doctors and professionals who need medical Spanish

Includes introduction to the Spanish medical system and more in-depth knowledge of the medical language

£49 per hour


  • Talk Talk Talk – also available via

Phone classes for busy executives from the comfort of their desk

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Our satisfied customers include many private clients in the city. Why not join them?